Tunnel Halle Flughafen Straße

In addition to the efficiency, precision and reliability, safety is one of our central promise to our customers. A promise regarding our products and services, but also in terms of our cooperation and its contents. There are often sensitive, infrastructural objects in the focus of our services. Therefore, please understand that at this point we do not represent any reference information.

Yet you want to know more? Then please contact us personally. In a personal interview we will give you an insight into our recent engagements. Or click on our reference map to get an overview of selected projects. What customers say about our work:

"ELECTRIC SPECIAL offers durable products and this is reflected in the personal contact, which is always reliable, no matter which employee you speak to. In ELECTRIC SPECIAL I just always know where I am."

Jürgen Wolf, managing director, Jürgen Wolf - planning office of Electrical Engineering,



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