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Tunnels are bottlenecks. Maintenance and repairs mean an increased risk. ELECTRIC-SPECIAL meets these challenges with reliable components and an overall economic system of the light detection from the light control to control technology. Our products and solutions are characterised by energy savings of up to 25% compared to conventional solutions, a high lifetime and short payback periods. This means low operating costs, low maintenance and high safety.   In production plants healthy lighting conditions are desired, relieving the human eye and providing healthy working conditions. In large warehouses, however, it is the occasional and temporary use by humans which is central and at part ¬time daylight not 100% of the lamps are necessarily applied. With our ELECTRIC-SPECIAL lighting solutions for indoor halls, lighting costs are lower with a short payback period and meet the necessary standards for workplace safety.   In redundancy, single layer controls and economical operation and many other points of special international and national civilian but also military demands on the control lighting and airport lighting. ELECTRIC SPECIAL designs and develops the electric, regulation systems and control systems of lighting installation and ILS systems and customises for the operating categories CAT I to III. ELECTRIC SPECIAL stands for a reduction in power consumption, removal, repair or maintenance during operation, optimised visibility for pilots and a reduced thermal load and increased lamp life.   In terms of safety surfaces and streets require uniform illumination and uniform contrasts with maximum energy savings. We develop and produce lighting solutions for roads and surfaces, to be controllable for you depending on weather, light density or current traffic situation. Not only the city treasurer and the citizens benefits from this, but also the environment through efficiency in operation and maintenance, improved lighting quality and light output and lower light emission.



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