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Our sensors form the illuminance level and light density in consideration of the properties of the human eye. According to our guiding concept, our sensors are traceable back to PTB standards and attributable to the error limits of Class B according to DIN 5032-7.

Optimally designed for exterior or interior, our sensors are protected from corrosion, condensation, freezing and vibration. The alignment can be achieved via an imaging technique (using ground glass) or a visor. Project-specific custom designs are possible.
  With ELECTRIC-SPECIAL control units your lighting equipment can be put in place perfectly. The menu-based user interface makes this possible: Our controllers can be set without programming knowledge. Integrated analyses cover surpluses and shortfalls and reveal a need for optimisation, e.g. in terms of light wear.   Our dimming technology has been specifically designed for dimming of high-pressure discharge lamps and adapting these lamps to the physical properties. With the use of our dimming technology you save up to 20% energy while increasing the lifecycle by minimising the 100% operation and unnecessary operations.   ELECTRIC-SPECIAL combines the individual controls and disciplines of a project object via the lighting and provides comprehensive operational capability in the event of an incident. Our control bundles, for example, climate and security controls or transportation technology into a powerful, centralised system. Control technology of ELECTRIC-SPECIAL means comprehensive, cross-plant care from a single source.



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