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About LuxAround

In street and building lighting, municipalities can save money by reducing their CO2 emissions. The conversion to new LED technology enables a more cost-effective switching and control technology, with which regional differences in lighting requirements can be taken into account. In place of the obsolete ripple control technology, with which the lighting is switched en bloc over entire regions, need-based controls come, in which, for example, the possibilities of dimming can be used.

Webbased switching and control technology
In order to switch and control urban lighting as needed, regional differences in demand must be recorded and processed. LuxAround meets this challenge with a network of sensors and actuators via an Internet platform. With a wireless network of illuminance sensors, information about lighting conditions is collected in real time and processed on our platform. Based on this information, inter alia, switching or control instructions are generated there for certain neighborhoods or streets, which are then delivered via an Internet or mobile phone connection to actuators on site, so as to switch the street lighting or dimming. The operation of LuxAround takes place via an Internet portal, but can also be integrated into customer-supplied control technology facilities. The entire network can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, regardless of platform.
Advantages of LuxAround
  • Energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Needs-based switching or dimming of the street lighting
  • Central data storage
  • Road-wise switching possible
  • Influence on the actuator control via a web interface
  • Consideration of regional differences in illuminance, supplemented by current weather data
  • Simple actuator connection via LAN, WLAN, LoRaWAN, mobile radio or Powerline
  • High failover due to redundancy
  • Platform-based documentation of all relevant events

This is how LuxAround works
LuxAround works according to a five-step process, in which the measured values are recorded locally and transmitted to central server units in a German, certified data center. There, the information is analyzed, processed and processed to individual switching or dimming instructions. These instructions are transmitted via a secure Internet or mobile connection to the actuators, in order to trigger the actual switching process there.


Data logging
Data transfer to the data center


Data transfer to the data center
The measured values are transmitted in real time via mobile network to the LuxAround platform servers and stored there


Evaluation of the measured values and provision of the control signals
In the data center, the measured values are fed into a data server and stored there together with a time stamp and the location of the measurement. Subsequently, the switch-on or switch-off signals are determined according to defined, customer-specific rules.


Transmission of switching and dimming instructions, monitoring of actuators
The switching information is transferred to a switching server in-house, which then makes switching instructions and transmits them to the actuators via a secure Internet or mobile connection. The switch server also monitors the activity of the actuators, e.g. when they acknowledge the switching instruction as executed.


Die Plattform LuxAround wird über eine Weboberfläche visualisiert und verwaltet. Man kann sich dort beispielsweise die aktuellen Messdaten der Sensoren auf einer Karte anzeigen lassen oder verschiedene Statistiken und Diagramme der Messdaten einsehen. Auch der Zustand der Aktoren und ihre Schalthistorie werden angezeigt. Darüber hinaus können Schaltregeln und Alarme angelegt, verwaltet und geändert, Handschaltungen ausgelöst oder Benutzerkonten für Mitarbeiter verwaltet werden und noch vieles mehr. Die Weboberfläche bildet den zentralen Zugang zu allen Funktionen von LuxAround. Selbstverständlich ist die Weboberfläche durch verschlüsselte Verbindungen und ein ausgeklügeltes Benutzerrechtekonzept gegen Missbrauch geschützt.


Switching, dimming and controls
Standard PLC components are used locally to set up actuators that interact with LuxAround via the Internet or mobile phone connection. As a result, the instructions supplied by the switching server can be flexibly integrated into existing infrastructures. Multi-level fallback levels allow the calculation of further switching times by means of an astronomical clock or from the switching times of the past days. This ensures a safe function even if the connection to LuxAround fails. When choosing manufacturers for the PLC components, we are flexible and can adapt to your needs and specifications. The REST API communication interface used on the platform also makes it possible to implement other connections according to customer requirements.

On this web interface, you can try out some of the features of LuxAround in an open demonstration portal.
We will gladly provide you with free and non-binding your personal test access to the LuxAround platform, which will show you all the possibilities for your applications. Just call us on 0441 - 93366-0 or send us an email to info@luxaround.de. We are looking forward to your contact!